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Eurofoot BV - Professional
Career Management

Eurofoot BV has at this stage its name sustained in the market of professional carrer management, and this time represents about 40 professionals football players and some choaches like Filipe Coelho or Luís Loureiro.

The discovery and formation of young promises, has always been the main differentiating factor of our company in relation to the players and coaches agency market.

Jean-Paul Castro, current Chief Scout at Eurofoot BV, is a reference throughout Europe in football training, having made a strong contribution to the affirmation of various high-level players in the world scene. Among all of them we highlight Cristiano Ronaldo, Ricardo Quaresma, Hugo Viana, Carlos Martins, João Moutinho, Miguel Veloso, Nani, Rui Patrício, William Carvalho and Bruma among many others!

In August 2013 Eurofoot founded the Vilafranquense SAD where he has done a great job in the young football formation and the main team, having several titles won over the 4 years. David Moura and Luquinhas were transferred to Benfica and Tiago Martins for the V. Guimarães, are clear examples of the work done in Vilafranquense.


paulo lima

Paulo Lima is the founder of EUROFOOT BV, acting as Administrator.

The passion for football, extended to the entire family, made with that Paulo Lima found the EUROFOOT BV, a player management company that is now majority partner of União Desportiva Vilafranquense Futebol SAD.

The work in this sports area is also done with the contributions of well-known faces of football, Rodolfo Frutuoso and Pedro Torrão.


Rodolfo Frutuoso

Rodolfo Frutuoso is one of the faces of EUROFOOT BV, acting as Administrator. After having played a great part of his career in Torreense, where he spent about 5 years, he came to Sporting with 17 years where he was connected 5 seasons, followed by: Sp.Pombal, Estoril, Oriental, Ovarense, Torreense and Rio Maior.

He finished the career in May of 2009 with only 27 years, integrated the structure of Eurofoot in August of 2009.

"The path is made by walking, I am sure that we will reach the level that we dream..."

"Life is made of daily decisions"

pedro torrao

Pedro Torrão is the other face of EUROFOOT BV, acting as Administrator. After completing his formation at Vilafranquense, where he spent about 9 years, he joined Sporting at the age of 18, becoming the National Champion of Juniors and where he was connected for 4 seasons, followed by: Campomaiorense, Alverca, União de Leiria, Beira -Mar, Omonia (Cyprus), AEL Limassol among others.

After finishing his football player career in October 2010 due to an injury, he accepted this challenge / project called EUROFOOT BV in January 2011.

” I am convinced that we will succeed with humility, earnestness and ambition that characterizes us.”

pedro maia

The passion for football since early revealed himself and still today in his life. Living in Canada since he was 15, Pedro Maia did not let negative temperatures deprive him of the pleasure of kicking the ball. FC Porto and Benfica Toronto were some of the clubs where he played among other Canadians. His experience also went through training several teams in Canada.

Currently, Pedro Maia, divides his time between the financial world and football, with the bet in EuroFoot. A challenging project that recognizes and therefore embraced in May 2017.

"A dream is built with persistence, a lot of dedication and someone who believes in it. With this group I feel we can make it happen."
Management Advisor

rui oliveira

Rui Oliveira was the face chosen by EUROFOOT BV to assume the position of Management Advisor, integrating the structure in May 2012.

Rui was also a football player, made his formation at Vilafranquense, still played as a senior in several clubs of the second division. "At the moment he is the adviser of the Administration of Eurofoot"

“For me it is a proud to be part of this structure, thanks for the opportunity they gave me.”
Technical director

jean paul

Jean Paul Castro is the current technical director of EUROFOOT BV, being a reference throughout Europe in football training.

Jean Paul Castro current technical director of Vilafranquense / Eurofoot BV, has made a strong contribution to the affirmation of several high level players. Among all of them we highlight Cristiano Ronaldo, Ricardo Quaresma, Hugo Viana, Carlos Martins, João Moutinho, Miguel Veloso, Nani, Rui Patrício, William Carvalho and Bruma among many others!

Our History

We came to stay
and make the difference

Eurofoot BV was founded by Paulo Lima who was one of the first licensed FIFA agents in Portugal, is managed by Rodolfo Frutuoso and Pedro Torrão former professional football players.

In July 2017 Pedro Maia joined Eurofoot, bringing the dream of we becoming stronger, with a wider vision and recognition around the world.

eurofoot b.v was founded


Eurofoot BV was founded in 2003 by Paulo Lima

Rodolfo Frutuoso


Rodolfo Frutuoso joined the Eurofoot structure in August 2009

Pedro Torrão


Pedro Torrão joins Eurofoot structure in January 2011

eurofoot b.v


Eurofoot represents more than 50 players



Eurofoot founded the SAD of União Desportiva Vilafranquense

Pedro Maia


Pedro Maia integrates the structure of Eurofoot B.V